Best April Fools Stories - Including Our Own

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April 06, 2015

Best April Fools Stories - Including Our Own

April Fools is a day editorial people get to dream and dream big. Imagine a world where the most ridiculous things and you're biggest fantasies come true. For Motorcycle USA it was the ridiculous, for us, it was a dream we wish to be true.


We collected a handful of our favorite gags from around the inter webs and not just motorcycle related. Enjoy.

Tax Break for Bikers

Tax time have you down? Well, just in from Asphalt and Rubber, you can write off that expensive Arai helmet you just bought. Jensen is at it again for this year, "If you’ve already filed your 2014 tax return, you might want to make an addendum before April 15th, as the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) has made several last-minute exemption to the US Tax Code, one of which allows motorcyclists to claim up to $500 on a new helmet purchase as tax deductible."

Including quotes from an IRS Special Agent that confirms you can write-off your motorcycle helmet this tax season, due to a Centers for Disease Control and Prevention study that suggested billions of dollars could be saved if all motorcyclists wore helmets. Seemed pretty damn convincing.

Cool Riding with BMW

We were only able to find this one on Facebook, but BMW released the Acceleration Package for their S1000RR. The track-ready sport bike would feature little blue button on the left controls that will activate cooling grips and an air-conditioner… yep, you're BMW will now have A/C. Well, not exactly as this was a funny social media push.


"When it's getting to hot on the track you definitely need a way to cool down. The new BMW S 1000 RR with Acceleration Package fits your bike with air conditioning and cooled handle grips."

Now, as you're prepping your bike for the track, you'll need to check your freon level while checking your tire pressure.