CW TIPS & TRICKS: How to Deter Thieves From Stealing Your Motorcycle

Date :

March 07, 2015

CW TIPS & TRICKS: How to Deter Thieves From Stealing Your Motorcycle

There are few things worse than coming out of your home in the morning keys in hand, ready to ride and seeing…nothing. Motorcycle theft is all too common, but you can thwart those evil bastards. Here’s how, in six easy steps.

Keep it Out of Sight If a thief can’t see your bike, he can’t decide to steal it. Parking your machine in a secure garage or shed, especially at night, is choice number one. Well, choice number two, really. A bank vault would be even better.

Keep it in Sight On the road and need to stop for lunch? Park your bike by the restaurant window and sit right next to it. Or how about paying someone to watch it for you? Darkness is the bike thief’s friend, so park in a well-lit area.

Be a Killjoy Something as simple as a hidden kill switch can stop a bad guy from hot-wiring your ride. Even pulling a plug wire can stop the casual thief, or at least buy you time.

Make Some Noise Invest in an alarm, ideally one that also kills the ignition while it alerts you.

Box It In A single bike sitting in a wide-open parking lot is just calling out to some bad guy to take it. But that same motorcycle wedged into a small, cramped gap between a wall and a house gives them much less room to work.


Lock It Up Well, duh. Of course you’re going to lock it. But are you going to lock it up right? The next set of tips will tell you how.