From a rider's point of view!

Date :

May 13, 2015

From a rider's point of view!

There’s this common stereotype about riders being crazy fanatics of speed and Rock and Roll...As if the minute you get on a motorbike you grow a beard, your hair becomes instantly long, your skin turns into this leathery surface of distinguished roughness, and your exhaust system releases drums sound and hard core notes!

Well guess what? Under this edgy look there’s simply a doctor, lawyer, professor, and father just trying to make his way to work. Yeah, riders do care about making a living other than ordering beer at a bar and scaring the shit out of you while riding next to you on the highway. How dare they?!

We're actually different in some ways: You drink your morning coffee, release anger due to road rage, complain while listening to the news and being stuck in traffic and we just drink our morning coffee release some adrenaline, and pass through the traffic jam waving at you...

It’s true, by commuting with some unbeatable road conditions; you might think how safe is it to ride a motorcycle?

Riding same as driving is linked to a responsible behavior, respecting speed limits, adopting safety measures such as buying the full gear and wearing a helmet, and most importantly being PATIENT. I promise you, honking several times will not speed up the traffic jam; it will only make you get a new horn sooner.

A bigger bike is not always a better bike; ask yourself, where do you want to use it? Why do you want to ride it? How often will you ride it?

The idea of having to roll on a motorbike and pierce your ear or any of your body parts so you could fit the rider’s profile is completely wrong!

Wouldn’t it be funny to see a big old man with a beer belly, leather jacket and tattoos riding a 150cc scooter? Well, guess what? Scooters are a category of Motorbikes!

So the next time, you see me “rolling” next to you on the highway, do not give me the “OMG a rider” look. I just may be your next waiter, professor, or Boss!