How to Keep Warm on Your Motorcycle!

Date :

March 02, 2015

 How to Keep Warm on Your Motorcycle!

It’s hard to pick the right line when your teeth are chattering. Any warm body—including yours—loses heat through five mechanisms: radiation, respiration, conduction, convection, and perspiration. Here’s how to combat them.

STAY DRY Water conducts heat about 200 times better than dry air; ergo, a wet rider is a cold rider. A rainsuit or Gore-Tex oversuit is the fix. Added bonus: Even in dry weather, a rainsuit adds plenty of warmth and wind protection.

GET BEHIND THE WINDSHIELD Choosing a bike with bodywork or a windscreen can add a lot of comfort. Consider adding a small aftermarket windscreen for chilly autumn or winter climates.

STAY PLUGGED IN Electric gloves, grips, vest, and even socks can turn you into a four-season rider. The best systems feature a quick-disconnect between you and the bike as well as a rheostat to control temperature. Make sure your bike’s electrical system has enough juice to power it.

SEAL THE DEAL Air blowing up your sleeves or pantlegs can feel like an arctic blast. Pants and jackets that zip up tight are the answer. Even better: gloves and boots that overlap the gap and let those sleeves/legs tuck in.

WEAR A ONESIE One-piece overall-style riding suits eliminate the jacket-pants gap. Snowmobile suits are wind- and weather-resistant and offer good insulation. The best advice is to dress in layers, making it easy to adjust your temperature.