Too Much Too Soon? When to Upgrade to a Bigger Sportbike!

Date :

March 31, 2015

Too Much Too Soon? When to Upgrade to a Bigger Sportbike!

Don’t look into a bigger motorcycle until you’ve done the following:


1. Proper gear. Being a squid isn’t doing you any favors. That’s the only thing I did right after I bought the bigger bike—invested in head-to-toe gear to along with it.


2. Parking lot drills. There are advanced track classes I’ve been too where they still stick you in a parking lot prior in order to work on skills like trail braking and counter-steering. It's crucial to constantly work on the basics when you find an empty lot.


3. Feel confident and comfortable. I thought I was confident on the ninja, but looking back on it, I realized there were situation where wasn’t smooth on the brakes or letting out the clutch.


4. Ride, ride, ride. Going off number four, in order to feel confident you need to ride—new routes, old routes, on the track, on the dirt and everything in between.


5. Go with someone. A noob mistake a made was going to roads in the middle of nowhere outskirts of New Orleans. Oh, how I would have chastised myself again back then. If I would have gone with someone from the beginning, I would have been able to know when I was riding over my head from the get-go.