Alonso wearing sunglasses for eye infection

Date :

May 08, 2015

Alonso wearing sunglasses for eye infection

Eyebrows were being raised on Thursday as Fernando Alonso refused to take his dark sunglasses off during the official FIA press conference.


Earlier this week, on social media, the McLaren driver showed photographs of a stye in his eye, and then his trip to McLaren's driver simulator in Woking -- wearing dark glasses inside.


"I have to keep them on," the Spaniard said as he prepared for Thursday's media activities ahead of his home grand prix.


A source explained that an eye infection means Alonso has been advised by doctors to reduce exposure to artificial light.


The source added that the 33-year-old is expecting the infection to improve ahead of the start of track action on Friday.


Alonso is sponsored by the popular sunglasses maker Oakley.

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