Aston Martin testing solar panels on their race cars

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December 02, 2014

Aston Martin testing solar panels on their race cars

Aston Martin has teamed up with Hanergy Thin Film Power to test the benefits of using solar panels on their race cars.

The first test was conducted last weekend as the #97 Vantage GTE was equipped with two solar panels on its roof. Aston Martin declined to go into specifics but said the panels can be used to help power auxiliary systems such as the air conditioner which currently consumes power from the engine.

According to Aston Martin Racing Technical Director Dan Sayers, “The idea behind the solar technology project is to help develop and demonstrate the potential of the Hanergy thin film photovoltaic panels for use on both race and road vehicles." He went on to say "This test was the first time that the system has gone active and it was a great success which is a testament to the Hanergy product and support." Sayers added that he hopes to have the system fully operational for the 2015 World Endurance Championship.


Speaking of the Sao Paulo race, the #97 Vantage GTE celebrated a class win as it completed 221 laps in 6:01'46.553.

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