Audi will land on the moon in 2017!

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Wheelers Team

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June 29, 2015

Audi will land on the moon in 2017!


Audi is all tuned up to win the $30 Million Google Lunar XPRIZE and get its signature to the moon!

Yes Audi is teaming up with the “Part-time Scientists” to build the new lunar Quattro that is set to compete for the ultimate Google Lunar XPRIZE.

The model will be made from aluminum, a lithium-ion battery, an adjustable solar panel, and featured with 4 electric motors with a top speed of 3.6 km/h.

It will be sent 380,000km to the moon and land next to the legendary Apollo 17.

That’s not just it! The whole lunar surface will be examined through 2 stereoscopic cameras and a scientific camera.

 The model should at least explore 500 meters of the lunar surface and high definition photos and videos should be sent by the team back to Earth in order to win!

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