Finally:Farewell to drunk driving!

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June 17, 2015

Finally:Farewell to drunk driving!

With 10,000 deaths due to drunk driving per year (and that’s only in the U.S) it is essential to do something that can decrease this number not only through raising awareness, but in taking actions.

The Federal government and the private industry in the U.S. came up with the “Driver Alcohol Detection System for Safety technology”. This research project tends to equip vehicles with sensors detecting passively the blood alcohol content of the driver before hitting the road through normal breathing or by touch.

If the alcohol level is above the legal limit, the vehicle will not start. This technology gathered a lot of support but the controversy falls on many facts pointed out by a restaurant group “American Beverage Institute” who are not against the new technology but needs answers to the following issues:

1)      Alcohol does not affect all people in the same way. Some take more time to get under the effect of the same alcoholic beverage. Would the car stop in the middle of the road while the person is driving?

2)      The sensors will cost approximately USD200, would it be fair to make all drivers pay for them?

In answer to all their questions the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, stated that the DADSS will be implemented through a voluntary, market-driven approach. Moreover, drivers would not be forced to stop in the middle of the highway if the sensors detect a high level of alcohol consumption after a certain amount of the time. But, it would probably direct them to pull over or take the necessary measures. The DADSS will solve all bugs and disadvantages before launching as it has a high potential in solving drunk driving.

Let’s hope this beneficial technology would see the light very soon, as it is mandatory to promote responsible driving behaviors especially among young drivers and protect them when they don’t act responsibly.



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