Lego Porsche 911 Looks So Real You Just Want To Drive It!

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Wheelers Team

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June 08, 2016

Lego Porsche 911 Looks So Real You Just Want To Drive It!


This Lego sculpture took us to a whole new level, with its own 911 version of the race car in Sweden at Scandinavia Mall!


This full-sized Lego car includes all details from the exterior to the interior making all our Lego memories and “accomplishments” in vain!


Who else thought that his own Lego creations were the Thing?!


Anyway, let’s get back to the real deal here!


In order to sculpt the vehicle’s shape, plastic blocks were used highlighting the curves of the 911 Porsche from the front as from the sides.


However, the interior is really something!


You actually get to see seats, steering wheels and decals for the 911’s gauges, making this Lego car a 5 Star masterpiece!


The seats even look so comfortable you just want to sit on them…


With over 2,700 pieces assembled, this Lego sculpture has a 600 page instruction book in order to get the full look of the actual race car!


We may just enjoy staring at it…


Photo credits: Rani Patrous

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