Porsche models in 2035!

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Wheelers Team

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June 25, 2015

Porsche models in 2035!

Ever wondered how the race cars of the future will look like?

Well,Le Mans is about to get Pimped by ground breaking race cars!

Korean designer Gilsung Park has brought his imagination to another level, and has visualized how the LMP1 prototype race cars will look like in 2035 concentrating on this year’s successful brand: Porsche. 

The future extreme Porsche will feature the 918 Spyder’s design and:

1)      Advanced electric power train

2)      Fluid aerodynamic body panels

3)      Exchangeable battery for quick pit stops

4)      Electric motors in favor of individual air turbine levitation hub-motors

5)      Laser headlamps

6)      Active aeros

7)      Smart glass fabricated with suspension particles

2035 is too far from now… We want a test drive NOW!

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