This Just Might Be The "ICONIC CITY CAR"

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Wheelers Team

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October 17, 2017

This Just Might Be The "ICONIC CITY CAR"

So let’s face it, nowadays there are no bad cars anymore, it’s just a matter of finding the right vehicle that suits your lifestyle and personality.

The Fiat 500 preserves the heritage and looks of its 1957 ancestor, its design is simply timeless and above all it’s a fun ride - It’s got the swag to beat most cars in its segment!


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Fiat 500: Estimated Price Including VAT and Reg is $24,400

Fiat 500 Convertible: Estimated Price Including VAT and Reg is $29,500




If “RETRO” is what you’re looking for then this is probably the right car for you:



What Personality Does This Car Suit? 


○ The Fiat 500 is ideal if you are looking to buy your first car

○ If you’re into retro and you’re detail-oriented, you will love the small details to the exterior and interior of this Fiat

○ If you live in Beirut and you have a hard time finding a parking space, the Fiat 500 will fit just about anywhere!



laughing What Did We Love About The Fiat 500?


Funky exterior design makes the vehicle very unique and playful

○ The dash of the Fiat 500 is always painted the same color as the car’s exterior

○ The dashboard is mounted by a wide touch screen with some nice chrome controls that liven up the cabin

○ The infotainment system is very responsive and user friendly

○ Even though it’s a rather small vehicle, there’s plenty of room to easily fit two adults and there’s great leg and head room as well (unless you’re extremely tall)

○ It’s stylish yet very affordable

○ Its compact size and light steering make it the ideal vehicle for the city

○ Very safe with lots of airbags


undecided What Did We Dislike About The Fiat 500?


○ When the speed rises, you can notice wind and road noise inside the cabin but it’s tolerable

○ There’s not much head and leg room in the back seats

○ Fuel economy isn’t that great




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