Who stole the show at Frankfurt Motor Show 2015?

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Wheelers Team

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September 17, 2015

Who stole the show at Frankfurt Motor Show 2015?

This year was no exception at all. Frankfurt Motor Show successfully showcased some phenomenal car models that we thought we’d only see in sketches.

From 2015, 2016 and beyond, the most amazing concept cars were revealed in real and we actually saw them on wheels! We bet car fans from all around the world were surely not deceived by this year’s edition of Frankfurt Motor Show.

Thriving to be Europe’s largest new car events in the world of car shows, Frankfurt Motor Show has some pretty challenging competitors such as Geneva and Paris Motor Show.

Keeping their “battle” aside, our own dilemma was choosing the brand who stole the show at this year’s edition. FromJaguar F-pace who set a new world record by performing a 360 degree loop over 63 feet to some ground breaking models such as Rolls Royce Dawn,we kept on thinking that each model was the one.

Until, we realized that unquestionably the German brand that earned a large range of fans and most importantly loyal clients over the years and from all around the world, has not only showcased one mesmerizing model, but three different pieces of art to die for.

Whether you are a petrolhead, motorhead or just a” head” you cannot but admit that Mercedes-Benz did not nail it once but TRICE in one large event among mega competitors making us lose our mind over its Mercedes C63 AMG Coupe, S63 AMG Cabrio and last but not least the ultimate Mercedes IAA Concept car.

Which one to chose? Well we just want them all! Check out the pictures and learn more about other upcoming cars onhttp://lebanon.wheelers.me/en/cars/blog/categories/rumors-and-new-releases!

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