10 Hot tips to keep you& your car cool this summer!

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Wheelers Team

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June 22, 2015

10 Hot tips to keep you& your car cool this summer!

Summer has officially started and whether you’re happy or not about it, we’re not sure if your car is! Check out these 10 simple tips that will help you and your car to stay cool during the summer season.

1-       Check your AC. If the air is going out warmer than it used to, it might be a problem with the refrigerant or even a leak. The last thing you need during hot long summer days is getting stuck in traffic with a defective AC.

2-      Check and keep all other coolants up to date. Your car can overheat at anytime and during summer it is definitely no exception.

3-      Check and refill all your car’s fluids. The engine always needs to be lubricated to run smoothly and not enough fluids can heat up your car.

4-      Check your car’s battery. Especially if it is old! You don’t want to get stuck under the sun, leaning to your car’s window waiting for someone to pick you up because your car ran out of battery.

5-      Check your tires. Improper inflated tires increase heat while you are driving. Not convinced? Imagine yourself having a fun family road trip when suddenly one of your tires “faints”…. Good luck with the kids!

6-      Park your car in a cool place. If you can’t, park your car opposite to the sun especially if its windows are not tinted.

7-      Use a sunshade. You don’t want to burn your hands when you get behind your steering wheel!

8-      Cover the seats with blankets. These hot seats after a long day at work or even after a sunny day at the beach are not so cool my friend.

9-      Crack the windows. The air will circulate better!

10-    Use solar vents. They are equipped with a solar panel powering a fan so the cool air can go into the car and the hot air can get out.

 So that’s basically it! These tips should back you up this summer during its hottest and longest days! Now, Who’s up for a road trip?!  

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