Who is Wheelers®?


 Wheelers.me is your ultimate go-to source for all Brand-new and Pre-owned vehicles. Wheelers® approaches consumers and vehicle enthusiasts to educate and assist them in undertaking informed ownership decisions.

With its advanced algorithm of sorting vehicles based on category, make, price and model, Wheelers® serves as an objective directory that facilitates the purchasing process and highlights the consumer's freedom of choice-making to adequately render his decisions.

Wheelers® gives users the opportunity to compare up to three cars including their full specs, prices and pictures based on the aforementioned criteria as well as accessibility to our loan calculator to compute an approximate check-out of their desired vehicles and apply directly to the bank and the dealership.

Wheelers® has been operating in Lebanon since 2011, it is now available in KSA and UAE and is gradually growing throughout the GCC countries. On our website, every dealer has his identity, and every vehicle has its own versatile profile.

You are guaranteed to have an easy and enjoyable experience surfing our automotive E-showroom available 24/7!

* wheelers:refers to all vehicles whether cars, bikes, vans, pick-ups, buses or trucks