6 tips to stay cool on your motorbike!

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Wheelers Team

Date :

June 08, 2015

6 tips to stay cool on your motorbike!

Ever thought how is it possible to stay cool on your motorcycle during the summer season?

Check out these 6 tips and tricks for a guaranteed heat-loss while riding your motorcycle during the hottest summary days.

1)      Always cover upor else you’ll end up deep fried in the hot air.

2)      Gear up with clothing that has vents you can zip open so the airflow can circulate better

3)      Hydrate your clothingand always have a damp bandana for your neck if you can’t water down all your clothes

4)      Hydrate yourselfas your brain and whole body function on fluid as well

5)      Have several breaksin the shade, remove your helmet and your jacket

6)      Be creative: you can fill your pockets and daypack with ice or re-freezable packs, it works best with synthetic jackets

So that’s it! No more excuses to parking your motorbike on the hottest days! Get some ice, skills and gear and get ready to break the heat!