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“As dealers of cars and/or motorbikes and/or motorcycles and/or any other vehicles, we acknowledge that the main purpose of the website “Wheelers”, www.wheelers.me, is to assist its users in their selection and purchase of new and used vehicles of different brands and types, by comparing their specifications, prices, terms of payment, bank car loans and bank interest rates. We hereby undertake to use this site without altering in any way whatsoever the objectives it aims to.

Therefore, we undertake to refrain from hiding and/or not disclosing any required information in the site related to any type of vehicles, for example but not limited to, their price and/or specifications and/or terms of payment, and to refrain from giving any false and/or incomplete and/or inaccurate information in this regard.

Generally, we undertake to refrain from any act that could cause any damage and/or alteration whether directly or indirectly, in the main object of this site, which gives its users full access to sufficient information enabling them to compare the specifications of different cars, motorbikes, motorcycles and any other vehicles.

We also commit to make immediate, continuous and periodic update of the information referred to hereabove and listed on the website, and we take full responsibility for any kind of damages occurred to the website as a result of our breach of any of the here mentioned conditions; otherwise the managers of “Wheelers.me” shall have the right to immediately block our access to the website, and withdraw our authority to list and/or modify any required information related to our vehicles.

We also commit to give the managers of the website, represented by Mr. (s) _____________________, previous notice before making any amendment to any required information.”

We acknowledge that we have read carefully and fully the conditions of use of this website and are thoroughly informed about our obligations linked to the authority granted to us to enter and/or modify any information related to our cars and/or motorcycles and/or motorbikes and/or any other vehicles; moreover, we entirely agree on the whole process and conditions stated above without any reservations, and we are totally aware that we are legally bound by them.