Armani & Piaggio's Special Edition of the Vespa 946!

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Wheelers Team

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June 10, 2015

Armani & Piaggio's Special Edition of the Vespa 946!

A special version of the Vespa 946by Emporio Armani, is set to mark the 40th anniversary of the foundation of Giorgio Armani, and the 130th birthday of the Piaggio Group in 2015.

Maintaining the signature of the designer, the 946 is revealed with a subdued color palette and a mixture of grey and green only seen under some light conditions.

 The metal parts supported by galvanic treatments and a satin touch create an opaque effect on the whole body. On the side you can find the words ‘Emporio Armani’ and just above the headlight, you can find their iconic eagle logo.

The special edition is also keen on technology and safety.

It features:

1) Aluminum cylinder blocks

2) Brown-leather finishes

3) Luxury accessories

4) Electronic riding controls with the latest smart phones

5) Four-stroke electronic injection engine

6) 220mm double disc brake

7) Two-channel ABS braking system

8) 12 inch wheels

The special edition will be soon enough available in Beirut, Lebanon!