Dani Pedrosa Has Arm Pump Surgery In Madrid

Date :

April 04, 2015

Dani Pedrosa Has Arm Pump Surgery In Madrid

News following the Qatar MotoGP race of Dani Pedrosa suffering from severe arm pump led to the subsequent news of Pedrosa seeking a third operation to try and cure it. Today it was reported by HRC that Pedrosa’s surgery was a success, the procedure taking two hours with the Spanish rider only needing general anesthetic.


The operation, aimed to fix Dani’s problematic arm pump, took just over two hours with Dr. Villamor confident of its success. During today’s surgery, Dr. Villamor completely removed the layer of fascia –  the casing around the muscle that gives it form and shape – which is causing problems for Dani.


It is expected that Dani will be discharged from the hospital in a few hours, after confirming that his post-operative evolution is positive. He will visit Dr. Villamor regularly in the coming weeks for check ups and then begin a custom physiotherapy program. A recovery time of four to six weeks is expected, however his return to racing won’t be confirmed until Dr. Villamor can ascertain the success of the surgery.


Dr. Angel Villamor:


“The surgery was complicated and aggressive using a microsurgery technique and microscopic lens. It lasted two hours, and was done under a local anaesthetic. We examined the muscle fascia, which were hypertrophied and had to be opened up and released. The muscle fascia has been dissected and removed from the forearm. This increased volume engorged the muscle within the inelastic fascia resulting in increased pressure within the compartment, and causing a painful condition of oxygen deprivation – thus causing intense pain in the forearm which collapsed after exercising during riding. We will now monitor Dani over the next few weeks to measure the success of this surgery.”