Elvis Presley Spotted On A Minibike In New Orleans!

Date :

February 18, 2015

Elvis Presley Spotted On A Minibike In New Orleans!

New Orleans has a mixed and mysterious history. Draped in ghost stories and voodoo lore, the city comes alive for its annual Mardi Gras celebration—a carnival often known for its festive use of beaded necklaces and liberal use of adult beverages. Sadly, this video from the heart of "The Big Easy" has no beads, but does contain a gaggle of Elvis Presley impersonators on minibikes. Oh, how adorable!


No, this isn’t some conspiracy detailing Elvis’s triumphant return to life after chillin’ with JFK in that circus trope. This is just a group of well-intentioned men hoping to live a bit like the King himself—on minibikes and in a parade.


There is every Elvis imaginable tooling around, popping mini wheelies and looking as hella cool as one can dressed as Mr. Presley.


The video only contains 55 seconds of shenanigans, with Mohawk Elvis making a surprise appearance along side Fat Elvis, whose minibikes is noticeably larger than his other compatriots (for obvious reasons, of course). There was no Jailhouse Rock Elvis or Military Elvis, but there was enough of him to go around as is.


While they may not have the grace Shriners do on two tiny wheels, the crowd certainly loved them.


Watch the video here :