Harley Bugatti Concept Motorbike!

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Wheelers Team

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September 10, 2015

Harley Bugatti Concept Motorbike!

You know that art has absolutely no limits when bikes designer Tamas Jakus who combines old school and innovative designs takes an original Type 75SC with a Fat Boy Harley and creates one hell of a concept motorcycle.

Adding to it a grill covered engine and firm valiant wheels the Harley Atlantico is too “futuristic” to be produced now by Harley.

The audacious concept motorbike is based on the 1963 Bugatti Type 57SC Antlatic which only 4 units of it were ever made and only two are left.

One was even sold for $40 million while the other remains in the Ralph Lauren collection.

I don’t know about you but this bike is one hell of a reason why we love Vintage!