Kawasaki to Support Grand National Championship

Date :

May 07, 2015

Kawasaki to Support Grand National Championship

Kawasaki Press Release:

Celebrating 34 years as the industry standard in racing support, Kawasaki Team Green has announced plans to offer support for the remainder of the AMA Pro Flat Track racing season. Kawasaki is posting more than $75,000 in contingency in the GNC1 class as well as sponsoring two-time Twins champion Bryan Smith and his No. 42 Crosley Brand / Howerton Motorsports / Villa-Esparza Kawasaki.

Over the last four years Kawasaki has seen a resurgence of its EX650 engine in Flat Track competition earning its first ever GNC Twin win in 2010 and claiming AMA Pro Flat Track Manufacturer of the Year in 2012 and 2014.

“This is a clear case of Kawasaki listening to our riders and expanding our Team Green program,” said Kawasaki Vice President of Marketing Chris Brull. “Over the last four years we have seen competitors in the AMA Flat Track series choose Kawasaki and we want to reward them for that choice. Our Team Green program has been around for more than 30 years and our renewed support of Flat Track racing shows how the Team Green program continues to evolve.”

Smith was the first rider to earn a GNC Twin victory on a Kawasaki and over the last four years has shown the power and reliability of the Kawasaki EX650 engine. Last year Smith narrowly missed claiming the Grand National Championship, falling just three points shy of the title.

“It is great to see Kawasaki stepping up their support of AMA Pro Flat Track,” said Smith. “The Kawasaki EX650 is a great engine to base our bike off of and I’m sure with this announcement we will see more riders choosing Kawasaki.”

To be eligible for contingency, racers must race with a Kawasaki engine and must submit an image of their race bike to Team Green as well as running the AMA Pro provided decals on the race bike and Kawasaki patch on the racing leathers. Prior to enrolling in the program, each participant must contact Team Green at 949-770-0400 ext. 2633 for additional information on how to enroll.

Once signed up, racers will receive a Kawasaki Sales Rewards MasterCard that can be used anywhere MasterCard is accepted, and they will also benefit from the fastest and most convenient contingency program in the industry.