Mahmoud Tannir On The Podium In First 2014/2015 UAE Sportbike Round

Date :

November 21, 2014

Mahmoud Tannir On The Podium In First 2014/2015 UAE Sportbike Round

Lebanese rider Mahmoud Tannir managed to climb on the podium during the first round of the 2014/2015 UAE Sportbike Championship that was held at the Dubai Autodrome this past weekend.

Tannir’s task, however, wasn’t easy as a mistake while chasing the leader in the first race dropped him to the back of the grid for the second race. Nevertheless, the Honda CBR600RR rider finished second overall in the second race after a fantastic recovery ride.

“I’m a little disappointed with what happened, especially that I was on the top of the timing sheets throughout the weekend’s sessions and felt very comfortable to fight for the win in the opening round! I took a narrower line while chasing the leader to close him down on the exit but unfortunately I went over a sandy patch of the track with too much lean and lost the front! I managed to take the bike back and the guys did a great job getting it ready for race 2 where we finished 2nd after battling from the back of the grid. All in all, I’m satisfied with out start and preparations and I will be looking forward to the next round on Dec 5th.”

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