Mexican Moto Police Officers on Harley-Davidsons!

Date :

February 27, 2015

Mexican Moto Police Officers on Harley-Davidsons!

I don’t speak Spanish particularly well, at least not the sort of Spanish you’d want your grandmother to hear, but they say speech is only a part of communicating. This video of some acrobatic police officers in Mexico transcends the language barrier with a dab badassery and a heap of stupidity.


Moto Police

Add some south-of-the-boarder culture with motorcycles and you can write your own Erik Estrada joke.


The video description, translated by Facebook, says, “For those who say that you cannot handle and shoot on the motorcycle, and what is missing.”

I don’t think that was a question many of us were asking to be answered, but these fine men in uniform took it upon themselves to not only answer it, but capitalized on the opportunity to show off.


The police force in Mexico has a monumental task of wrangling in rampant corruption and dangerous drug cartels, which calls for a special kind of officer—one that lurks in the night, hiding in the shadows of disparity to save the innocent from tragedy all while firing an assault rifle from a loud, moving motorcycle. That’s our hero.



Oh, and please, for the love of humanity, don’t try this at home, folks.


Watch Video In The link Below :