Motorcycle so silent, you wont even know it's on!

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Wheelers Team

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July 21, 2015

Motorcycle so silent, you wont even know it's on!

Let’s first get this definition straight: The act of sneaking up on someone means approaching them quietly and catching them off guard.



Now that we’ve got this covered, it is police duty to approach criminals as quietly and discreetly as possible because that maximizes the chances of actually catching the bad guys red-handed.

But how can you possibly do that when you’ve got your motorcycles engine roaring behind you like there’s no tomorrow?

LAPD is apparently embracing silent and clean electric motorcycles called “Zero Motorcycles”. Let’s take a minute to explain why:


-Electric bikes are always more efficient than gas-powered bikes.

-Police can creep up on criminals undetected.

-The bike has a top speed of 98 mph (158km/h).

-it’s always cooler to take down criminals while looking like a badass on a noiseless motorcycle.



So next time you’re doing shenanigans, keep looking over your shoulder… A cop might be there just chilling.