New system allows people with disabilities to ride any motorcycle!

Date :

January 07, 2015

New system allows people with disabilities to ride any motorcycle!

We've known a few riders who have been forced to ride three wheels in lieu of two. Joe Smith (pictured above) lost his leg in a motorcycle accident long ago and has since been unable to ride two wheels, forced to ride three-wheelers and side-car-outfits (read his story at the link below).


There will come a day when we're too old to ride, when a bike becomes too heavy and the road becomes too treacherous for us to maneuver. The fact is, there are many abilities a rider can take for granted in times of good health. Injuries to the leg joints can sideline a rider for good and that wouldn't be a very pleasant reality for many of us. The LegUp System may be an answer for those who can't ride two wheels.

By Chopper Design is a patented design that aims to keep riders on the road regardless of their physical abilities. The LegUp adds two, computer controlled, retractable wheels to each side of the motorcycle. Think of it like automated training wheels.


The legs actuate and retract via an on-board compressor system housed in the saddle-bags. The system will lower the legs at speeds below 5 mph and will raise them once 6 mph is reached. The wheels primarily assist with balancing the bike and taking the majority of the weight off of the rider's legs when stopped.


Also, when the legs are deployed, the bike will handle like a trike. The LegUp system is offered in three flavors. The LegUp GEN II does allow for leaning, but only at speed. However, the older Gen I model does allow for leaning while sacrificing some stability and support. Visit for pricing and availability details.


The systems are a little pricey at around $3,000 to $3,500 depending on the model and $400 to $600 for installation. That's still a lot better than the other option of a trike or side car, that many have been forced to use. A normal trike conversion for a H-D is anywhere from $5,000 to $10,000, and you don't have the option to lean…