Product Review: Shoei Neotec Helmet

Date :

November 18, 2014

Product Review: Shoei Neotec Helmet


Time tested: Six weeks/3000 miles

What's good? I’ve always thought flip-front lids were a bit naff and should be preserved for couriers and police riders, but having bitten the bullet and started to wear one I actually am a convert. With the front down it’s as good as any other full-face lid I’ve worn but where it comes into its own is when I’m off the bike. I’ve always removed my lid at fuel stations, because in a previous job as a bank clerk I was subjected to an armed robbery so I’m sensitive to the feelings of people behind the counter. And I’ve thought it only courteous to the fuel station staff involved to be able to see who they are serving, which means the flip front’s great as I can just whip the chinbar up and, hey presto, my rather hamster-like features are smiling at them. I do have a tendency of riding off with it flipped up though and it sometimes takes a few minutes to work out why I’m getting a cold face!

Quality rating: 4/5