Ride Around Europe on a Harley-Davidson and Get Paid For It

Date :

February 20, 2015

Ride Around Europe on a Harley-Davidson and Get Paid For It

Ride around Europe on a Harley-Davidson and get get paid for it! Sounds like the thing that dreams are made of doesn’t it? Well, every word of it's true. Harley-Davidson is organizing a competition which will pick one winner who will get to travel across 20 European countries on a £19,000 Street Glide. Harley will also be giving the winner a traveling allowance of £18,500 to shell out during this epic ride. Oh…and upon completing the 2 month long trip, the winner will also get to keep the Street Glide. That’s the sweetest deal that we’ve heard in a while.


According to Harley-Davidson, “starting this summer, the lucky winner will be required to plan and star in their own road trip adventure, traveling through more than 20 European countries, seeking out the best riding roads in Europe and sharing their experiences through social media and a dedicated website. After a month of preparation and planning, the lucky rider – accompanied every step of the way by a dedicated professional film crew – will travel for two months to document this amazing riding experience.”

The competition is a part of the “Discover More” initiative that was announced last year to bring more new riders to the Harley Davidson community—with the trip scheduled to start in May.


There is a catch though, as the winner must hail from Europe. So for you Europeans, apply at www.h-d.com/riderwanted where you’ll have to answer to the obvious question – “Why should we pick you for this ride?” All candidates are expected to have a valid European Union passport, a full motorcycle license, and the passion to tell a story that will inspire others to embark on an adventure of this scale.



Closing date for applications is Friday March 20, 2015 and the winner will be announced in April.