Yamaha reveals who could be Lorenzo’s replacement!

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March 23, 2016

Yamaha reveals who could be Lorenzo’s replacement!

Yamaha made it clear that it has a number of riders on mind in case it needed to hire a replacement to Spanish rider Jorge Lorenzo with the end of the 2016 season of the world motorcycles championship "Moto GP".

The Italian Valentino Rossi has signed a new extended contract with the Japanese factory for a period of two years till the end of the 2018 season and close to Qatar Grand Prix.

Yamaha believes that Lorenzo is serious about Ducati’s offer who is willing to include him to its ranks.

Jarvis confirmed that the replacement of Lorenzo will be difficult in case he decided to leave, but the options exist.

He said: "We realize that in case Lorenzo is gone, the replacement wouldn’t be up to Lorenzo’s level and compete with him directly. But in fact, the whole team must have a plan "B" or "C". This is why we have some ideas in mind. "

“Everyone have their eyes on us to know who might be the next young talent, but I am not ready to mention names yet."

Yamaha brought Lorenzo as a hero for the 250cc class and Jarvis admits that the success and continuity of the squad did not make the process of developing a new plan any easier.

He said: "In case you have the best riders in the world, you can wait. And the best of what is happening is having Valentino and Jorge with us. "

He continued: "we can then worry about our plans after two seasons; maybe we can solve this problem by bringing a young talent to the Tech 3 team. We must always have an option or a window where we can add a new rider to the game.

Jarvis concluded by saying: "Certainly Honda has faced this situation a few years ago, and benefited from the laws and was able to take Marc [Márquez] to their factory team from the Moto 2 category. It was a great job, but this is what we did with Jorge years ago.