10 Most “Outrageous” Lamborghini cars of all time!

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Wheelers Team

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April 20, 2016

10 Most “Outrageous” Lamborghini cars of all time!

Well… Here’s a hot collection you could definitely find hanging on our offices and bedrooms’ walls.

We just had to share it with you guys, as this brought some “Damn!” moments while we were checking it out.

 Without any delay, below are our beloved treasures, the 10 most outrageous Lamborghini models ever! *Drums roll*

1-      Jota

2-      Veneno

3-      Egoista

4-      Sesto Elemento

5-      Aventador J

6-      LM002

7-      Diablo GT

8-      Gallardo LP550-2 Balboni

9-      Countach

10-   Reventon

Stay tuned for more upcoming car collections from the oldest to the newest models satisfying your thirst for entertaining car news!

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