20 ideas to recycle and use your old tires!

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Wheelers Team

Date :

June 05, 2015

20 ideas to recycle and use your old tires!

Sick of your old tires and want to get rid of them? Check out these 20 ideas in pictures that will make you search for old tires and add a little bit of life to your home!

1) Intricate Tire Lamps

2) Tire and Yarn Ottoman

3) Tire Dog Bed

4) Beautiful tire& Yarn planter

5) Garden Tire table

6) Tire mirror Frame

7) Tire swings

8)Tire sand box

9) Shredded tire armor

10) Half tire Hammocks

11) Tyre subwoofer

12) Tire Garden stairs

13) Tire tea cup planters

14) Minion Tire scarecrow

15) Tire Chairs

16) Tire playground

17) Tire umbrella stand

18) Tire arm chair

19) Golden tire coffee table

20) Tire garden planter


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