6 facts you don’t know about Porsche!

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July 10, 2015

6 facts you don’t know about Porsche!

From the Porsche 911 to the Cayenne, Porsche has proved itself to be one of the most recognized auto brands that surely captures our attention on the road and makes us drool over its exquisite touches from the front, to the side; to the rear…Okay I am going to stop now.

Other than the facts we all know such as it is “kind of” expensive, here are some 6 interesting facts you don’t know about Porsche!

6- Porsche was a motor development and consulting company.

Ferdinand Porsche founded the company in 1931, but only a decade later he started to manufacture cars.

5- The most popular Porsche is the 911.

It was introduced in 1963 and was upgraded in 1998 to water cooled engines used till today!

4- Buyers of Porsche can choose to custom paint their cars for FREE!

Although Porsche offers colors like Silver, Magenta, Irish Green, Light Yellow, Peru Red, the majority of Porsche cars are simply red, white and black.

3- Porsche had to change names!

The 911 was first called Porsche 901s. But Peugeot won its right to preserve 3 digits car names marked by the number zero in the middle.

2- Porsche's 1st SUV was a big Breakthrough.

In 2003, the 1stSUV Cayenne expanded Porsche’s target market and was an instant success further to Porsche’s struggle in increasing sales in the sports car section.

1- Porsche's logo is not unique to the company!

The logo was inspired by the coat of arms of Stuttgart “The free people’s state of Wurttemberg" built site of a stud farm.

Now, from 1 to 6 how many did you already know?

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