A missing comma got her out of a parking ticket!

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Wheelers Team

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July 06, 2015

A missing comma got her out of a parking ticket!

Finding a place to park our cars has become agonizing. Even with legitimate parking spaces, you have to leave earlier than what is considered as “Early” just so you find a place to park your car. And when you lose hope and think that it’s okay it’s only a 5min stop… You get a parking ticket perfectly centered on your windshield.

However this woman got out for parking her truck illegally for 24hours because of a grammar mistake! With a missing comma she convinced the judge that they had no right to make her pay her ticket, and that per the law enforcement, the sentence should have been written as “motor vehicle, camper” instead of “motor vehicle camper”.

Although we believe that the meaning did not change with or without a comma, spot on woman!

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