Elephant vs. innocent Skoda station wagon!

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Wheelers Team

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July 28, 2015

 Elephant vs. innocent Skoda station wagon!


These ridiculously funny shots were captured at a circus in Denmark where the staff are clearly incredibly stupid.

So on a sunny day, they decide to set three elephants free around the circus area, so they can let loose, smell the air and relax.

Apparently the large crowd outside, agitated the elephants and when the handlers decided to lead the elephants back inside, they literally freaked out and it was hell.

Then this one genius decides to hit the elephant, again, STUUUPID! So the raging mistreated animal rushes towards a poor skoda station wagon and effortlessly drags it and pushes it around, breaking every single part of it.


The conversation between the car owner and the insurance company must’ve been really amusing!!

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