Ernie Boch confuses, charms presidents

Date :

November 15, 2014

Ernie Boch confuses, charms presidents

Even when meeting former presidents, Boston-area dealer and Subaru distributor Ernie Boch dresses like a rock star.

And sure enough his long hair and leather pants raised eyebrows recently at the Kennedy Library, where about 200 clients of financial firm UBS met Bill Clinton and George W. Bush.

"They talked about everything from ISIS to Ebola to the economy," said the CEO of Boch Enterprises and Subaru of New England. "It was amazing, and there was no filter."

Boch, 56, was among a small group chosen to personally greet the presidents and have a picture taken with them. Most of the men on the receiving line wore $5,000 suits, and the women were weighed down by expensive jewelry, Boch said.

"I walked up to President Bush, and he looked at me with an air of a smile. I went to Clinton and said, 'It is an honor to meet you' and he gave me the same look and asked, 'What is your name?'"

At that moment Bush leaned in and said to Clinton: "'It's Howard Stern,' and hits me on the shoulder," Boch said. "And [Clinton] thinks that is funny."

Boch said he isn't sure they had any idea who he was.

"But as they were about to take the picture, I said, 'Pretend you like me,' and they lit up.


"I got them with the best smile."

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