Got any hacker enemies? Make up with them..

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Wheelers Team

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July 23, 2015

Got any hacker enemies? Make up with them..

Car infotainment is a must-have in your car right now.  It allows you to see your vehicle status updates, play music, videos, run third-party apps (eg: Facebook), view maps and the list goes on and on…


But one thing we never thought of is that everything in the vehicle is becoming automated, we are laying it out on a screen, and making it controllable through a simple button click, this sounds like the hottest opportunity for hackers to take over your car!

Some car infotainment systems are very vulnerable to hacking and this could put our lives at risk.

Things that make your life easier, and allow your car to execute automated commands you give it through a press of a button (like automated parallel parking for instance), is just creating new cruel inspirations for hackers.


Following an experiment that was done in the US by security researchers, they were able to hack an SUV while it was being driven; they easily took control of the Air-conditioner, the radio, the windscreen wipers of the car…


Anyway, next time your radio goes on by itself, your windows roll down out of nowhere, you can be sure your car is not haunted.


Your probably dealing with a hacker, and you’re gonna wish it was a ghost!!

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