LaFerrari heavily wrecked after crashing in Shanghai

Date :

May 02, 2015

LaFerrari heavily wrecked after crashing in Shanghai

A red LaFerrari has been severely damaged after crashing on a highway in Shanghai, China.

The accident occurred yesterday evening on an elevated highway where a teenage driver probably without the necessary driving experience to drive such a high-powered vehicle lost control of the 963 PS hybrid machine and hit the side barrier. It was a powerful impact as the airbags were deployed and the front end is almost unrecognizable while the rear left wheel has seen better days.


The exact cause of the accident is not known at this moment, but we do know it was raining and there were some strong winds while those awful fluorescent sneakers could have something to do with it since those aren't suitable when driving a supercar. According to local media, the LaFerrari owner also has a McLaren P1 in his garage which hopefully won't have the same fate.

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