Mercedes to 'help' save German GP - Wolff

Date :

March 02, 2015

Mercedes to 'help' save German GP - Wolff

Concerns are growing that Germany really will be dropped from the 2015 calendar.


Officially, the country is still set to host a grand prix in July, but neither the Nurburgring or Hockenheim are actually yet to agree a concrete race deal with Bernie Ecclestone.


Mercedes team chairman Niki Lauda admits the chances of that happening are no better than "50-50".


Lauda's colleague Toto Wolff, the head of Mercedes motor sport, said at the Barcelona test on Saturday that while the problem is mainly financial, the German marque could have some involvement in the talks.


"It is not our area to intervene in the talks between promoter and rights holder," he said, "but as far as we are able to, we will try to help.


"It is an important grand prix for us," added Wolff.


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