Michael Schumacher Health Update!

Date :

January 08, 2015

Michael Schumacher Health Update!

The seven-time Formula One racing champion, Michael Schumacher, who suffered from massive head injuries while skiing last December 2013 can now respond to external stimuli, but is still not able to speak or move, according to reports cited by International Business Times. Here are more details about Michael Schumacher Health Update. 

Michael Schumacher left the hospital in order return home in Switzerland after nine months of treatment. Most of the time, he spends "looking into void".

Editor of the Autosprint magazine, Alberto Sabbatini, told the paper that sometimes a tear rolls down on Schumacher's face, according to a citation by International Business Times.

Sabbatini also said that Schumacher cries whenever the he hears the voice of his children or of his wife Corinna.

Further, Sabbatini said that the racing champion is still not able to speak meaningfully with his family. He said that Schumacher shows that he can feel emotion and that his brain functions. Sabbitini also said, "It is the only way his strong character is able to externally convey an emotion."

The Autosprtint magazine editor said that their information was collected as objectively as possible which are based on information that was reliable and verified. The information came from those who know Schumacher and have seen him recently and are also aware of his clinical condition, according to reports by motorsport.com

Sabbatini also gave conclusions that Schumacher is currently making a very slow recovery and adding good news that Schumacher is not stuck in a bed.

"When not undergoing physical therapy to avoid muscle atrophy, he sits in a chair in front of the windows of his villa, overlooking on one side the snowy peaks of the Swiss alps, and on the other the shores of Lake Geneva," he said.

After hitting his head on a rock while skiing away from prepared ski runs in the French resort of Meribel, Schumacher sustained a traumatic brain damage last December 2013. Since the accident, his family and management have kept tight-lipped stances about the champion's medical condition.

Philippe Streiff who was believed to be Schumacher's friend and a former racing driver said that Schumacher was confined to a wheelchair and is unable to speak.

However, Schumacher family spokesperson Sabine Kehm said that the recovery of the Formula One racing champion would still need a long time. Sabine Kehm told Retuers, "He is making progress appropriate to the severity of the situation. I cannot confirm that [report]. I can only confirm that I do not know where Mr Streiff has his information from because he has no contact with us and he never has."


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