Owning an old car always keeps life more interesting!

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Wheelers Team

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July 29, 2015

Owning an old car always keeps life more interesting!


Classic cars can be good investments, great conversation pieces and can be a joy to drive, work on or merely look at!


If you don’t see why you should be dragging around a 30 year old car, we'd be more than happy to explain:


-Lucky for you vintage cars are usually cheaper.


-You can have a closer relationship with your car: You’ll be spending a lot of time in your garage of course; you’ll get to know your car pretty well… It’s just the beyond awesome to be able to restore it, customize it and shine it up real nice.


-For all you know the most financially successful people on the planet drive old cars.


-Owning an old car makes it easier to meet cool people: car collectors are such a small circle it’ll probably make it very easy to find fellow car enthusiasts.


-Cars never were, and never will be an investment: Buying a new car is like flushing your money down the toilet, you should be wise enough to let someone else eat that depreciate and then buy the car from them!


-Owning an old can mean that you've got personality and character.


-We pretty much agree that no shiny car can hide a poor ugly attitude.


-You’ll enjoy driving and being in full control of the vehicle. You won’t find driver aids here, just three pedals, light weight and ALOTA FUN!



Gotta admit these are pretty good arguments…

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