Schumacher's latest News!

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May 26, 2015

Schumacher's latest News!

Schumacher continues to recover from a skiing accident that occurred in December 2013.

His agent asked the public to always be reminded of how serious the injury is.

Schumacher spent several months in a coma following the crash, before he was transferred to a Swiss hospital after being conscious again in late June 2014.

Since September 2014, he continues his rehabilitation at his home on Lake Gland in Geneva.

Schumacher's rehabilitation costs are €140,000 a week, while the total cost since the accident 17 months ago has soared past €14m” as per The Express reports.


Earlier in May 2015 Schumacher’s wife has sold her husband's €34m jet and is planning on selling their chalet in France according to reports in Germany.

Cross your fingers for this all time legend!


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