This All New Infiniti Crossover Will Steal Your Heart!

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September 29, 2016

This All New Infiniti Crossover Will Steal Your Heart!

Infiniti q30

love at first sight!



It took the Infiniti Q30 seconds after its launch in July to create a new wave of excitement in the Lebanese market. It captured the heart of those looking for uniqueness and individuality.



Representing Infiniti’s first entry into the fast-growing premium compact segment, the Q30 made its impact. Brand sales has soared and the launch was considered to be the most successful ever done for the brand for all markets. 

“It has been a success since day one.” commented Mrs. Zeina Bishara Infiniti Sales Manager at RYMCO. “With this car, it is love at first sight. The only decision would be which grade and colour to choose?”

Touching into the Lebanese market’s first reaction towards this brand new car, Rasamny-Younis Motor Company (RYMCO), approached Infiniti Q30 owners to have a better vision of the various reasons behind their purchase decision.

 For an Infiniti enthusiast and a previous owner of the QX70 from RYMCO, choosing the Infiniti Q30 came as a natural response.  Mr. Cherfane, an Electro-Mechanical Engineer and CEO of one of the Lebanese companies, praises the company’s after-sales services and professionalism, being the main reason behind repeating his experience and getting a brand new Q30.  As stated by Mr. Cherfane “The new Infiniti Q30 offers reliability, safety, and comfort for an amazing price.”



Another customer took the decision to own the Q30 simply because he “loves the brand”. Defining his first experience behind its steering wheel to be amazing.

 Mrs. Boustany, Boutique Owner, visited various brands during her journey searching for a new car until being oriented with the right service from the RYMCO-Infiniti team. “I am in love with this car, the design and the various options it beholds.” Commented Mrs. Boustany. “I am definitely convincing my friends to become Infiniti Q30 owners.”

 The cutting-edge design combined with the brand’s reputation, were the main factors behind another customer’s decision in purchasing the Q30.


 In two months the Infiniti Q30 managed to steal the hearts of those looking for individuality and style. Infiniti’s first entry into the fast-growing premium compact segment with the Q30 is a success as its playing a pivotal role in driving the growth of the brand not only in Lebanon but the region.


About RYMCO:

Rasamny-Younis Motor Company S.A.L. (RYMCO) is a joint stock company; ISO certified 9001:2008, that was established in 1957 in Lebanon and is the only automotive dealer to be listed on the Beirut Stock Exchange since 1998. RYMCO is one of the leading vehicle retail dealerships in Lebanon where it holds majority market share in the new vehicle retail industry, and commands a considerable portion of the used vehicle market. RYMCO operates a chain of independent showrooms and stores, a bonded warehouse as well as state-of-the-art servicing and maintenance facilities. The company has an automotive dealership arrangement with auto manufacturers in the US, Japan, Europe and China that include the likes of automotive giants Nissan Motors (Nissan, Infiniti), GM vehicles (GMC), Renault trucks, UD Trucks within the commercial department, Kawasaki and Peugeot Scooters under the Powersports division which also incorporates many other international brands for motor sports accessories and gear, while expanding to many other sectors related to the automotive industry. RYMCO marine is another unit within the RYMCO operations specialized in the servicing of boats under the brand name of RYMCO Marine.

 In 2009, RYMCO UK was granted the right to distribute the Infiniti brand of cars in London. It will cover distribution for the area through three SSS IREDI facilities in Reading, Chiswick and Hatfield; along with a boutique in the center of London in Piccadilly.

 In 2016, RYMCO reinforced its leading position in the automotive sector by announcing the dealership acquisition of LADA cars in Lebanon and a special showroom was arranged for Lada in Jal el Dib. In the same year, Rymco reintroduced another renowned car brand into the Lebanese market: Datsun, while launching the latest models of this famous car.

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