This Is The World’s Fastest Smart Car

Date :

April 22, 2015

This Is The World’s Fastest Smart Car

Cute little city car will monster a Hellcat in a straight line. You’ll have to ask Mark Cryer why someone would do this to a Smart car, but after watching the video you’ll be glad he did. Dubbed the “Nu Big Thing,” the Smart comes powered by a 9.0-liter Big-Block Chevy engine rated at 725 horsepower. The phenomenal little car has held the title of world’s fastest smart car for a while now, and with new larger and wider tires to help reduce wheelstanding, the Smart was able to put down its fastest quarter-mile run yet, with a time of 10.26 seconds at 130.83 mph. Take that, Hellcat.With a few more adjustments, the plan is to break into the nines later this year.

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