This Japanese Icon Is Now Worth $1 Million

Date :

March 13, 2015

This Japanese Icon Is Now Worth $1 Million

Much has been written about the Toyota 2000GT, as it was one of the single most important cars in the automotive history of Japan. It was the first time that anyone outside of Japan had taken notice of a Japanese sports car, even though only 351 units were ever built. The car was built with a large amount of input from Yamaha, most notably in the design of the twin-cam head of the inline-six engine. But even the interior wood trim comes from Yamaha's piano division.

This particular 2000GT is a 1968 model, and was one of only 84 left-hand-drive examples built. It was sold first in Belgium. It received a three-year complete restoration starting in 1999, as well as some smaller updates since. It still has its original tool kit, which is extremely rare, but there is one non-original touch. The literature from RM Auctions states that the car has been fitted with a nitrous system, which seems like a very odd choice to make. Nonetheless, the car is going up for auction this weekend at Amelia Island, and is expected to fetch between $900,000 and $1.1 million.


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