This Just Might Be Cadillac’s Most Versatile Vehicle!

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February 27, 2017

 This Just Might Be Cadillac’s Most Versatile Vehicle!

With the 2017Jaguar F-Pace, BMW X3 and the Porsche Macan, the Cadillac XT5 has got some vigorous well-established competition to put up with!


As you may know, theXT5 is the new replacement of the Cadillac SRX but with lots of new improvements to the look and feel of the vehicle. The XT5 is about 127 Kg lighter than its ancestor; the handling has improved a whole lot due to less weight in the chassis.


The suspension and brakes upgrade are guaranteed to give you a smoother ride. The all-wheel-drive system is continuously adjusting traction to allow the vehicle to adapt to different road and weather conditions leading to an overall great handling and driving experience.  



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Here’s what we liked about the XT5: 


  • Interior and Exterior Design


Needless to say that the XT5 is “aggressivity” and “luxury” combined all in one!

The XT5 is unarguably a show-stealer on the roads, the exterior styling paired up with the Cadillac signature led daytime running lights are super thrilling to look at. The face of the XT5 is a taller version of the Cadillac CT6 sedan with a massive chrome radiator grille to complete that aggressive look.


It is compact yet very spacious from the inside, the rear seats are definitely one of the highlights of the XT5. The interior really communicates that “luxury saloon car” feeling that makes you want to sip on some fancy champagne and relax in the back.




It’s got a wide panoramic sunroof to give you maximum clarity and wide windows for great visibility from all angles.  


The interior is wrapped with topnotch stitched leather and a fine metal trim on the dashboard, steering wheel and doors. Unlike other competitors on the line, cargo space is huge in the XT5 and the rear seats are foldable giving you even more space when needed!




  • Great Features and Additions


- Valet Mode: You can simply lock your trunk through a password you input on the screen of the vehicle this way your stuff are safe in the back when you give your car to a valet parker. 


- Wireless Phone Charging


- Bose Premium Sound System: If you love yourself some good music in the car this will be great for you.


- Adaptive Remote Start: You can start your vehicle remotely before entering it.


- Lane Keeping Assist: If you lose attention while driving, the seats vibrate to notify you and keep you within your lane.  


- Knee Airbags: The vehicle has knee airbags for extra safety.



Here’s what we disliked about the XT5:




  • Electronic Shifting


A whole bunch of button pushing, sliding and manipulation is needed in order to shift to reverse. The electronic shifting is a little painful and awkward to use. Not sure if we could get used to it with time but it seemed a little confusing that’s for sure.


  • Engine Options


Unfortunately only one engine option is available, the Cadillac XT5 is powered by a 3.6 L V6 engine, 310 HP 366 NM of torque all-wheel drive with twin clutch system and driver mode select and an 8 speed automatic. 




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