Top 10 Funniest Car Crashes!

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May 15, 2015

Top 10 Funniest Car Crashes!

Most of us tend to dramatize our stupidest accidents. We never know how it happened, we blame the mechanic for ripping parts out of our cars but most importantly we thank God “We’re alive!”  

But we have to admit, the following drivers have reached a whole new level of “Stupid” and literally have no excuses at all.

1)    The guy crashing into the licensing department on his way to get his license

This is kind of old but GOLD! In 2010, a man actually crashed into the Licensing department in Spokane Valley, Washington when all he wanted was to renew his driver’s license! His foot slipped onto the gas and his car rammed in ¾ of the building! Way to go man!

2)   The elderly who thought it would be a good idea to order pizza after crashing into the restaurant

A perfectly fit Honda crashed through the open doors of a restaurant in 2013, located in Lincoln, USA. While people were panicking and worried, the man ordered pizza from inside his car and was sent later on to the hospital as a precaution. Moral of the story: YOLO.

3)   The truck driver who was almost killed by an apple but saved by a crash

In 2011, 55-year-old truck driver M. Paylor was enjoying a calm drive into Pennsylvania, when suddenly he choked on a piece of apple and fainted! He then crashed into a concrete barrier and investigators found the apple on the dashboard.  We’re guessing since that day M. Paylor never ate apples…

4)  The girl who crashed the truck she stole into the Police station

Here’s the story: in 2012 the owner of a truck claimed his vehicle was stolen. Police started chasing the thief who apparently was a woman. The woman got 4 minutes of glory before she crashed into the police headquarters in downtown San Angelo…What were you thinking woman?

5)   The woman who thought her car was a 4-wheel garbage bin

53-year-old Ann Biglan’s thought trashing her Ford Focus will pimp her ride. From the ceiling to the floor the car was “customized” with cups of coffee, and “antique” trash. Her efforts paid off in 2007, when a huge amount of garbage fell on the gas and brake pedal and made her lose control of her vehicle in a parking space near the West Yarmouth Post Office. How the hell didn’t she suffocate through all these years?

6)    The World's Longest Fingernail Crushed by an accident 

In 2009, the World’s Longest fingernails were gone baby gone. Lee Redmond of Salt Lake City who did not cut her nails since 1979 and held the title till 2009, was ejected from the seat of an SUV following a serious accident. Lee stated she won’t grow her nails ever again as it took her 30 years and may not live as much. We all know it was about time to cut them...Like...Come on.

7)   The man who thought the Flintstones were automotive experts

In 2011, a 24 year-old man hit four cars while trying to stop his vehicle using his own feet. He was sent to court for his moronic decision and for driving on a suspended license. Fred Flintstone must be proud.

8)  The woman who crashed into two different residences with two different cars on two different days.

Where should we begin… the 1st accident occurred on a Thursday afternoon when a 66-year-old woman plowed her Ford Taurus into a private residence, all the way to the yard and hit a bench and a tree. The same year, 2012, and precisely two days after the accident, Mary Hasselberger got on behind the wheel again and crashed into an Eye Medical Center with a different car! Police suspected she might be confusing her brakes with her accelerator. Bottom line, she still has to pay her $50,000 Repairs bill. Fundraising activities were held all over the city...We’re kidding.

9)  The 13-year-old teen who stole the car and saw his mother in the other lane

In 2012, a gangster boy stole a car and thought it would be so cool rolling on the streets of New Jersey, when suddenly he saw his mom in the opposite lane and was so distracted he hit a tree.”A” for the risk man, “A” for the risk…

10)  The 2-year-old who crashed a truck into the house

In June 2013, a young couple from Grayson, GA returned to their home only to see a large hole in the outside wall of their house. Leaving their 2-year-old with the neighbors, the baby managed to put the truck in gear while the neighbor was unloading the pickup. Most importantly the baby was okay and the parents were not mad. Like, who can be mad at a little baby?!

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