We Never Thought We Would Want To Own A Pickup Truck- Until Now.

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Wheelers Team

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August 23, 2017

We Never Thought We Would Want To Own A Pickup Truck- Until Now.

Alright let’s face it, we all low key fancy pickup trucks. Why? Because who doesn’t love going on a spontaneous rocky road trip!

A couple of days ago we got our hands on the new Chevrolet Silverado and this Chevy was simply sensational.





Our demo vehicle was a 4 door pitch black Silverado LT Z71 Midnight Edition(off-road pack). This beast has the power and performance to perfectly match its tough looks, the Silverado is aimed at buyers who are not only seeking a large heavy duty vehicle with great cargo capacity but also looking for some luxury to go with it.   






The Silverado is locally available in LT Z71 Midnight Edition, it’s got the same naturally aspirated V8 5.3L engine as the Tahoe, 355 hp, 518 Nm of torque and 6-speed automatic.

Needless to say it has all the preventive and protective safety equipment you might need: Stability control, rollover avoidance, traction control, hill start and hill descent control, 6 airbags…


The Silverado is most likely to compete with: (All prices include VAT and Registration)


  • Ram 1500:$77,000 Available in showrooms

  • NissanTitan: Not Available in Lebanon

  • ToyotaTundra: Not Available in Lebanon

  • Ford F-150: $88000 Only Available Upon Order


This Chevy pickup is currently available at all IMPEXshowrooms and is priced at $65,000 including VAT and Registration, the price seems pretty reasonable given the equipment available on the Silverado.






Some interesting equipment you might want to know about:  


  • Autotrac 2wd/4wd selector

  • Z71 Off-road package adds 4×4 capability that includes off-road suspension tuning with Rancho monotube shocks as well as skid plates

  • Power seats

  • Electric heated door mirrors

  • Bluetooth, USB, AUX

  • 6 Bose speakers

  • 8” color touch-screen with navigation and multi-mode display

  • Wireless charging

  • Advanced cruise control

  • Rear park assist and rearview camera 







Okay enough with technical details, here’s what we really genuinely think of the Silverado:


smile What did we like?


  • Powerful V8 engine while maintaining best in class fuel economy

  • Z71 of road pack gives it great off-road capabilities

  • Handsome and bold looks

  • The cabin is extremely spacious, upscale and quiet at highway speeds

  • The cabin technology is excellent and very user-friendly (especially the navigation)

  • Great safety technology

  • Great acceleration and strong towing/hauling ability

  • A lot of trunk space

  • Very practical steering column shifter (you switch gears from the side of the steering wheel)

  • You can switch to 2wd at all times to be more playful with your Silverado

  • Just the right amount of equipment needed on a pickup truck


frown What did we dislike?


This is probably one of the hardest rides to criticize, everything was pretty much impressive about it except for the fact that the seats could maybe be a little more comfortable.






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