Why is every car on the road black, gray or white ?

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Wheelers Team

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July 27, 2015

Why is every car on the road black, gray or white ?


Did you ever stop and think, why the hell are we surrounded by white, black and gray cars only?

Next time you’re stuck in traffic (which is pretty much every day) look around you; you’ll notice that all cars, including yours are either black, white or gray.

The world’s most popular automotive color is white, second comes black and then gray.

It is certainly not due to lack of choices if that’s what you’re thinking, take a tour around car dealerships, there are about 10 color options you can choose from for each car model.

If you’ve never used these arguments before, then you’ve definitely heard people say them:


-Black cars mean: class, luxury and a certain “je ne sais quoi”.


-White reflects light making your car heat-proof from the hot summer sun.


-Gray cars will never look dirty, so you don’t need to wash them frequently.


-Black, gray, white cars will sell faster when you don’t want them anymore.


Typical arguments we all use and believe, but we’re actually missing out on the reds, blues, yellows and greens in this world.


Imagine a highway packed with bright colorful cars… maybe then, being stuck in traffic wouldn’t be so bad!!

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