You're Probably Still Wondering If You Should Go For The Nissan Kicks

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July 18, 2017

You're Probably Still Wondering If You Should Go For The Nissan Kicks

Are you intrigued to know more about the Kicks?  Here’s what you need to know so you can choose the model that suits you best:


The Nissan Kicks is offered in three different trim options:  SV GRADE, SV GRADE + NAV and THE SL GRADE.

Below are the current showroom prices: (Including VAT)


 -Kicks SV:  $ 19,900

-Kicks SV+NAV:  $ 21,900

-Kicks SL: $ 24,901




Check the full comparison between the three trims here!


All three trims are a 4 Cylinder 1.6L engine, 6 speed CVT transmission and front-wheel-drive.

In terms of safety, ABS and EBD come standard on all trims but the SL includes 4 airbags whereas the SV and SV+ Nav only include 2 airbags.



Let’s See What Trim Suits You Best!


Are you looking for an affordable Crossover?

If yes then the Kicks SV grade is perfect for you, it has all the standard safety features and equipment you need for the price of $19,900 including VAT. 


Are you looking for some technology inside of your Kicks?

If yes then the SV+NAV grade is ideal for you since it comes with a rearview camera, a very pleasant LCD touch screen and a navigation system.


Are you looking for some parking aid inside of your kicks?

If yes then the SL grade will be great because it does not include navigation but it has rear and front parking sensors along with a rearview camera to help you out. 



smile What Did We Like About The Kicks?


 - The interior of the kicks is surprisingly very spacious especially the backseat. Your passengers will sit very conformably

- Although the Kicks isn’t too large and bulky, it handles the road pretty well and the ride feels very stable and smooth

- Its interior is pretty stylish, the dashboard is covered with a really nice light carbon fiber and the air vents are nicely designed

- Although the seats of the SV and SV+NAV are fabric, it’s really not the average boring fabric! The seat pattern is stylish and pretty tasteful

- The Kicks has a multi- function D shaped steering wheel that gives its interior a sporty feeling 

- You have the freedom to choose one of many colors for the body of the Kicks, this leaves you with a fresh two-tone paint job that highlights the roof and gives your crossover its own unique identity



frown What Did We Dislike About The Kicks?


-The rearview mirror is awkwardly placed in the middle of the windscreen which could be a little distracting sometimes while driving

- On the SV+ Nav the rearview camera does not include any parking lines to help you better visualize the distance left and these are particularly useful on this trim especially since we do not have any parking sensors on this one



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