Your Very 1st Car? No Problem!

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Wheelers Team

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July 14, 2016

Your Very 1st Car? No Problem!

When it comes to picking the right car for your son, daughter or to recommending it to a close friend of yours, the perfect car would  be one stitched to a bunch of airbags on the exterior, does not speed more than 20 km/h and alerts you when moving after 10:00 pm.

Well, reality is: there’s no such thing as this boring, unrealistic Flintstones machine.

When choosing yours or your loved one’s very 1stcar, it is very important to ask the following questions:

  • Where would he/she actually drive it?
  • Is he/she adventurous and would be camping during the weekend?
  • Would he paying for his/her own fuel consumption?
  • What is the car top speed?
  • Is the car reliable and offers recognizable safety features?
  • How did he/she feel when driving it? Was he/she confident enough?
  • Is the car affordable? Does it offer a great price-value deal?

The list goes on and on and this is why we’re giving you our favorite picks  to make your life way easier!

So * Drums Roll *, Here we go:

1) Mazda,Mazda3

  • Awesome Safety ratings
  • Taste of Luxury
  • High Fuel Economy with SKYACTIV engine
  • Above-average Handling


2) Chevrolet,Spark

  • Logically practical
  • Perfect drive in Traffic
  • Great Budget


3) Jeep,Renegade

  • Smallest Jeep ever built
  • Perfectly adapted to the city
  • Well Equipped when it gets tough
  • Great interior


4) Nissan,Juke

  • Youngish Style
  • High driving position
  • Between CUV and Hatchback


5)Toyota,GT 86

  • Sports car
  • High performance
  • Not overwhelming for a new driver
  • High reliability


Now, let’ see… Which one would you pick as a very first car? Do you have any other recommendations?

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